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Walgreens: API Management's Role in Developer Evangelism

Walgreens: API Management and Developer Evangelism

We spoke with Walgreens developer evangelist Drew Schweinfurth about how API management provides an important "tool belt" for marketing a company's APIs.

Tracking API endpoint hits, for instance, provides an important indicator of the value being generated for a business or its partners, he said.

"Being able to find those stories and using the tools that API management software can give you to tell those stories is very crucial," Schweinfurth said.

Walgreens philosophy of "distrupting itself" also has played a key role in raising the company's profile to developers. Take its popular Photo Prints API. The advent of smartphones put a dent in the drug store chain's photo business, so it built a new photo experience that was not only convenient for customers, but created a new revenue source for developer who build photo apps.

"Being on the cutting edge of technology and making sure that we aren't klling our business is really a big challenge that I think API management has helped out with," Schweinfurth said.

"With Walgreens, it's really been how do we bring value back into these business models that might not be valid anymore."
Drew Schweinfurth
Developer evangelist, Walgreens