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Why a Developer Portal is Key to Sage's Strategy

Why a Developer Portal is Key to Sage's Strategy

Joseph Smutz, director of product integration at Sage Payment Solutions, discusses how API management boosted developer registration and significantly reduced the amount of time it took for partners to begin using the company's APIs.

The payments processing company uses API management to enable it to offer its services to external developers, who can add Sage's payment, check, gift, and loyalty services to their own products.

"The API management layer allows us to scale our products and services that we offer internally externally," he said. "Historically we've offered APIs and web services, but we never really had that developer experience down."

A sophisticated developer portal has made a significant difference to Sage so far. The company went from a manual process, "from a PDF world," as Smutz put it, "to a sandbox environment, where someone can just grab an API and be up and running in five minutes."

The before and after comparison "is hard to even calculate," he said.

"We're seeing a 20%-25% increase in developer registrations over what we were seeing prior. The developer portal is the key to our strategy."
Joseph Smutz
Director, product integration, Sage Payment Solutions