Abhi Ingle, Vice President, Ecosystem & Innovation at AT&T

Abhi Ingle, vice president, ecosystem & innovation at AT&T, sat down with us at I ♥ APIs 2013 for a conversation about how the digital, connected world is affecting the telco business. He discussed how AT&T is embracing innovation through APIs to lead the charge in a rapid-growth, hyper-connected marketplace, where apps running on networks are not necessarily served up by the network providers.

Watch the video to learn Ingle's views on getting business and technology leadership to simultaneously embrace and drive digital change—organizationally, culturally, and technologically. Get some great insight from this leader of a $127 billion, 250,000-employee company into how to go from the high-level, "rah, rah" of digital transformation to real, tangible changes and ROI for business units throughout the enterprise.

"If we don't go digital we are just not going to participate in that growth. For us to enable that growth as well as to provide more services to apps that ride upon the network, we've been embracing digitization through APIs—internal, external, and frankly to the communities that we work with—so holistically."

"From an internal perspective, it's all about speed because if you think about that gigantic infrastructure that we run— we invest $20 billion per year—there are a lot of systems that support it and many of these systems have been built up over the years. The only way for us to speed things up is to expose the systems through an API that can be easily written to. For us that has led to a reduction of between 25 to 50 percent in terms of how quickly you can get an app up and running."

"And then from a productivity perspective, [we've seen improvements of] somewhere from 10 to 25 percent by reusing things that have been created as opposed to the rewriting the same piece of code over and over again. Making [services] accessible with an API creates a lot of internal value on those dimensions and very high ROI."

Thanks to Abhi for a great discussion about AT&T and the rapid-growth telco marketplace.

Abhi Ingle, Vice President, Ecosystem & Innovation at AT&T - iloveapis 2013