API Monetization

Enterprises have complex business needs that must fit a variety of commercial relationships. Apigee provides the flexibility to chose from different types of monetization models, providing plans related to an individual, groups of developers, or the entire developer community; providing management of API provider organizational hierarchies that cater to tax, currency and payment gateway requirements. Monetization models can be customized to meet complex requirements and include:

  • Revenue Sharing Model: Paying developers for the usage of your APIs based on purchase of your services.
  • Fee-based Model:  Developer pays you for API usage 
  • Freemium Model:  An offer for an initial set of usage for free, and then charge as the developer’s API usage grows


  • Developers can stay on top of their API transactions – explore, compare, and buy API products, manage limits and usage and carry out payments and other financial transactions, all within the developer portal.
  • Developers also have access to monetization reports, giving them the ability to:
    • view all their billing types such as prepaid plans and also top up any pre-paid balances.
    • view all invoices and statements (such as revenue share) and receive these either from Edge Monetization directly or through integrations with backend financial systems
    • Developers can be notified about new and updated products, packages, changes in plans and terms and conditions.  Developers can monitor utilization based on limits associated with their purchases.


  • Monetization reports provide API Providers with visibility into the monetization performance of digital assets.
  • Edge handles metering and monitoring for monetization purposes based on out-of-the-box and custom attributes which can be anything relevant to the business.
  • Limits are managed at a generic level or at high levels of granularity. This is especially important as the channel grows across apps, APIs, partners and internal business units.
  • Edge monetization capabilities include a number of options for automated notifications – for the API Provider, a specific developer, or for all developers – enabling API Providers and developers to leverage the most ideal and up-to-date packages.

Monetization Overview