Migrating Customers Easily to Your Cloud Services: Transformations & the API Platform

Can you or your partners quickly prototype a new app or script that uses Cloud APIs?  What if they already have code for a different Cloud provider’s APIs?

Companies want to expose cloud service with security, control and visibility, but also find the need to expose existing cloud service using alternative API flavors. Doing transformations between API flavors makes APIs consumable and appealing to customers and partners and makes it easy for them to migrate to a company's cloud service.

In this video (12:40) Jeff Smith of Apigee describes Apigee's API Platform, how it's used to expose cloud services, making consumable APIs that appeal to customers and partners. In a ~3 min. demo at the end of the video, Jeff shows how Apigee easily enables implementation of cloud API transformations - doing an OpenStack to VMWare transformation, applying policies on the request and response paths, using JPath to extract variables and assign messages, and using the Trace tool to see what's happening.

Jeff starts by posing a set of questions that frame the problem around the all-important question of making your service easily available to and usable by developers.

API Platform Enablement for Cloud Services