Mike Redding, Senior Managing Director, Accenture Technology Labs

Mike Redding, senior managing director, Accenture Technology Labs, sat down with us at I ♥ APIs 2013 to discuss the drivers for businesses to embark on a digital transformation, the shift toward platforms, and his observations about trends and success stories across industries.

"We see a number of motivations—one is certainly speed to market and competitiveness. We've seen digital native companies (the traditional internet or social media companies) having tremendous success by becoming a platform and really letting the creativity of others open up business opportunity. We're starting to see more traditional companies realize that if they want be relevant and trigger their own growth they've got to think more like a platform and less like a monolith."

Asked what the Apigee partnership means for Accenture and its clients, Redding describes it as a combination of industry knowledge, experience, and delivery strength with a market-leading technology platform.

"That powerful one-two punch is what really helps our clients not just unlock the power but also unlock it quickly and effectively—there's a synergy that come from knowing that through the Accenture/Apigee collaboration, they are getting the A-team when it comes to seeing that their deployment is done and done well."

Thanks to Mike for a terrific discussion. You can also check Mike's keynote address where he helped Apigee's Chet Kapoor paint a picture for the I ♥ APIs audience of every business as a digital business, with chief digital officers leading enterprise innovation and transforming physical value networks into digital value networks.

Mike Redding, Accenture Technology Labs - iloveapis 2013