4MV4D Monetization

Monetize your APIs

Apigee Monetization Services allows you to manage the complete, end-to-end process of monetizing digital assets -- including creating rate plans, managing limits and notifications, configuring reports and billing documents, and modifying the system to maximize API program value. It offers an extensive degree of flexibility to create customized plans or use the "out-of-the-box" plans that cover all revenue models, including fixed and variable fees, revenue sharing, and even "freemium" plans.   


Watch this 4 Minute Videos for Developers to learn how to quickly set up monetization services on an existing API by associating that API with a rate plan. Note that you cannot monetize your APIs until you set up the API Transaction Rates policy. Be sure to check out the API Transaction Rates policy and other videos in the 4 Minute Videos for Developers series to learn how to set up monetization reports, notifications, billing documents and more.

The holy grail: Make money while you sleep. Your APIs are your assets and it’s time to put them to work. Use Apigee’s monetization functionality to monetize your existing APIs.