Nick Katsivelos, VP and Managing Director of Technology & Strategy at R/GA

Nick Katsivelos, vice president and managing director of technology and strategy at New York digital marketing agency R/GA, sat down with us at I ♥ APIs 2013 to discuss how his firm helps clients add a digital layer to their businesses.

“The rapid pace of change and disruption in lots of industries is forcing clients to look outside of their normal business operations,” Katsivelos said. “Digital is clearly where the action is.”

One of the beauties of APIs is the fact that they make it “easier to bring in a more diverse range of partners who don’t need to have a deep understanding of core back-end systems to come up with a great experience.”

“They just know how to create a great experience,” he added. But there are challenges to conveying the power of APIs to business leaders.

“It’s not always simple to articulate the value of an investment—that by making this change and taking this architectural approach and making this investment now, they will be able to do so many other things,” Katsivelos said. “This is something that will continue to pay dividends well into the future.”

Once stakeholders are convinced that digital transformation will enable them to fend off disruption and become disruptors themselves, however, the strategy sells itself, he said.

“Once that mindset is in place, the solution is pretty obvious,” Katsivelos said.

Many thanks to Nick for an enlightening discussion.

Nick Katsivelos, VP Technology and Strategy R/GA - iloveapis 2013