Richard Lynch, President of FB Associates

Richard Lynch, president of consultancy FB Associates, sat down with us at I ♥ APIs 2013 for a conversation about his work in enabling communication through voice technology, about the advances over several years to prepare the network for applications, and about why he loves APIs. Lynch underscores a theme of customer-driven innovation, where the focus should be on the applications that are built to run on networks, and where the leading networks are those that respond to customers' expectations.

"Technology is driving the change in networks, but the consumer defines what they want, the technology is developed to deliver what they want; the network will be there to deliver what the technology needs to deliver to the consumer."

The future network,  Lynch posits, might not be a smartphone, but something that has evolved from one: consumers will carry it with them, it will contain the RF components, processing power, and identity to enable the consumer to take advantage of any peripheral that they come in contact with, including the cloud, where their data and distributed apps are stored.

"We need to think of the network as something that is part of the person, part of their identity, part of what they carry with them. We need to think of applications as the side-car enablement of what they carry."

Thanks to Lynch for a fascinating and enlightening discussion. You can check his I ♥ APIs business track talk, which provides an evolutionary view of the challenges, capabilities, and opportunities of networks.

Dick Lynch, President FB Associates - iloveapis 2013