Sal Visca, CTO at Elastic Path

Sal Visca, chief technology officer at ecommerce technology provider Elastic Path, sat down with us at I ♥ APIs 2013 for a conversation about how APIs have enabled his company to manage the customer experience and “push innovation to the edge."

“APIs have really changed the way our software is consumed and deployed and implemented,” he said. “It’s enabling a new ecosystem of innovation.”

Visca also addressed the importance of data analysis when it comes to APIs, and how information gathering has moved beyond looking in the rearview mirror and toward providing predictive capabilities.

“One thing we recommend to all our customer is when you produce an API, make sure you have a concept of being able to capture the data,” he said. “Every touch-point, every interaction, is gold, and if you know how to mine that, you can really get value.”

Thank you, Sal, for an engaging conversation. 

Sal Visca, CTO, Elastic Path - iloveapis2013