Product Spotlight: SOAP to REST Wizard in Apigee Edge

SOAP to REST Wizard in Apigee Edge

Today's app and mobile economy does not support the SOAP Web Services architectures of the past. Watch the 4 Minute Video for Developers and learn how to use the SOAP to REST Wizard in Apigee Edge to quickly take an existing legacy backend system and update it to be a modern RESTful API. The Wizard works by generating a REST API based on Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) and then performs protocol conversion, message transformation, SOAP API modeling, and both basic and advanced policy enforcement using an intelligent algorithm. 

Don't let SOAP services slow down your app strategy! Instead of wrestling with legacy systems, use the API layer to transform them into RESTful, mobile-friendly APIs. This video shows how to go from WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) to RESTful in minutes with Apigee Edge.