Amazon Web Services and Apigee

Reference Architecture

The reference architecture, developed jointly by the Apigee and AWS solution architecture teams, helps developers and architects optimize the integration of Apigee Edge into their AWS services. The reference architecture includes guidance for:

  • calling AWS services protected by Identity Access Manager,
  • securely storing access keys, and
  • exposing AWS Lambda functions as APIs so that you can take advantage of AWS’s next-generation compute service.
The Amazon Web Services solution provides guidelines for developers and architects for:
Improving Security
Improving Performance
AWS Lambda Integration with Apigee
Demo Code and Examples
Reference Architecture
Discover best practices for using Apigee with AWS
Improved developer experience
Use Apigee's powerful API management features including a developer portal and analytics to improve the developer experience.
Security for IAM protected services
Follow our reference guide to ensure that you securely expose IAM protected services (S3 / DynamoDB / AWS Lambda) as APIs.
High performance and availability
Tune Apigee Edge to maximize the performance and uptime of AWS powered backends.

Apigee partners with Amazon Web Services to provide the best API management solution for AWS-powered backends. Whether your backend is running on EC2, or using Amazon's latest compute infrastructure - AWS Lambda - you can take advantage of Apigee's Cloud (running on AWS) to get best-in-class performance and maintain rock-solid security.

Having processed millions of transactions to AWS backends, Apigee is a proven solution and knows how best you can build your APIs with AWS. 



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