Apigee Health APIx

An Accelerator for Digital Healthcare

The Apigee Health APIx solution makes it easy for healthcare providers, including hospitals and clinics, to connect with app developers and health data partners to build new FHIR API-based digital services. It simplifies and accelerates interoperability and innovation by providing services that are ready for immediate use as well as cloud infrastructure to bootstrap internal and external innovation.

This solution is built on Apigee Edge, an enterprise-grade platform for managing, securing, and scaling APIs. It is FHIR-server agnostic, enabling healthcare companies to easily ingest health data from internal, external, or open-source FHIR-ready partners.

Apigee Health APIx: Advancing Patient Data Interoperability
The Apigee Health APIx solution provides mobile and web developers and digital teams with access to:
A purpose-built developer portal with FHIR-ready APIs, including claims, patient, medication, and condition APIs. Explore documentation and test your APIs.
An open source project with preconfigured API proxies for 16 FHIR APIs.
Pre-integrated OAuth security framework and other key security functions.
A reference implementation with a gallery of FHIR-enabled apps for inspiration.
Try the portal
Preconfigured API proxies for 16 FHIR APIs in the Health APIx developer portal powered by Apigee.
Reduce risks during care transitions
Improve efficiency and safety of transitions across the continuum of in-patient and out-patient care
Care management to improve wellness
Provide targeted personal wellness and prevention guidance to at risk participants
Improve chronic condition management
Empower collaboration between patients, physicians, and healthcare providers to effectively manage chronic conditions

Rising customer expectations, technology advances, and new policies are opening up opportunities in the healthcare industry to digitally innovate, delivering on the promise of patient-centric healthcare and data interoperability. But healthcare providers are hitting barriers to quickly launching digital services like new mobile apps and sharing data in a secure, compliant environment.

The Apigee Health APIx solution delivers FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) API-based app and data interoperability to healthcare teams, which can be deployed in days instead of months. With Apigee Health APIx, hospitals and other healthcare providers can quickly close innovation gaps and move faster to the digital world.

Partners & Customers


“Apigee’s new solution can be a beacon for other healthcare solution providers to innovate and transform digital health in a agile and incremental manner. This could also open up different business models for care management. We are excited to work with Apigee to help build and support this solution.” –Dr. Anand Deshpande, CEO of Persistent Systems


“Apigee's technology will make it easier for our current and future partners – such as payer/provider analytics solutions or consumer-facing mobile applications – to consume Carebox data. The patient-centric data interoperability capabilities delivered by Apigee and Carebox demonstrate the transformative potential of consumer-centric APIs and FHIR.” Brian Weiss, CEO, Carebox Healthcare Solutions

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