Media & Entertainment

The right experience on the right device at the right time
Digital technology is revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry and dramatically changing how content is delivered, consumed, and experienced. This requires new ways to track, monitor, and engage consumers. Companies strive to bring social interaction to content, make it consumable anywhere at anytime, and support the binge viewing that is up-ending traditional programming economics.
Industry Challenges
  • Digital native non-industry upstarts seek to disintermediate established companies.
  • Supporting the never-ending stream of new devices slows innovation.
  • Media content must be delivered seamlessly from disparate sources and formats.
Digital Initiatives
  • An entertainment ecosystem adds opportunity and leverages external innovation.
  • Seamless omnichannel experiences increase engagement and interaction time.
  • Asset reuse increases value when combined with innovative delivery.
Apigee Intelligent API Platform

API Foundation
API-based innovation and app development increase connectivity and enable delivery and monetization of content

Grow Ecosystems
Grow partner ecosystems and deliver value for consumers and partners with complementary and extended services

Analytics & Insights
Get a 360 degree view of customer interactions across all channels to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Enable two-speed IT accelerating delivery of new experiences and fast support for the new devices

Bringing More Content to Consumers with APIs

As the commercial arm of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), BBC Worldwide fills a unique role within the organization, helping it leverage the popularity of well-known shows, such as Top Gear and Doctor Who, by selling them and related products to a global audience while supporting BBC’s public service mission.

Learn how BBC Worldwide, through the BBC Store, is taking the first steps in rolling out a sophisticated B2C platform across its suite of online properties. As a commercial platform, BBC Store will complement BBC iPlayer, surfacing more and more content over time from the BBC's historical archive for purchase.

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