Apigee Open Banking APIx

The revised Directive on Payment Services, or PSD2, will require all financial institutions in the 28 European Union member states to provide open customer account information access to regulated third parties via APIs, while meeting stringent requirements for strong authentication and secure communications. 

The Apigee Open Banking APIx solution simplifies and accelerates the process of delivering open banking by providing secure, ready-to-use APIs along with the computing infrastructure to support internal and external innovation. 

Comply with PSD2 and Open Banking
Execute quickly with pre-built APIs, integrated OAuth, and other tools
Create innovative digital experiences
Quickly build engaging services to meet your most connected customers' needs
Build ecosystems with fintech partners
Partner with innovative startups to reach your customers and acquire new ones
Accelerate PSD2 initiatives

The Open Banking APIx solution simplifies and accelerates the process of delivering open banking as required by PSD2 by enabling speedy and secure delivery of PSD2-compliant APIs.

Use the preconfigured proxies for key banking APIs, including payment transfer, account information, transactions history, sufficient funds, and financial products APIs, to get in compliance—fast.

Leverage the pre-integrated OAuth security framework to enable different access models for internal apps or third-party providers. The banking-specific developer portal is designed to empower financial institutions to quickly and securely share data, and go beyond compliance to grow an ecosystem of partners and customers. 

Open Banking APIx provides mobile and web developers and digital teams with:
A banking-specific developer portal with API docs and tools
Pre-configured proxies for banking APIs
PISP- and AISP-specific workflows, and API product monetization
An integrated OAuth security framework to support various access models
Support for the XS2A rule via end-user authentication with OpenID Connect
Explore the OpenBank Portal
Preconfigured API proxies in the Open Banking APIx developer portal powered by Apigee.
Partners & Customers


"We believe it is essential that banks work with an API management platform that facilitates secure access with partners and developers while also providing strong security controls, and we look forward to continuing to work with Apigee to help deliver their solution.” -Jeremy Light, managing director, Accenture Payment Services

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