Pivotal Cloud Foundry & Apigee

Reference Architecture

Developers use Apigee Edge as a Pivotal Cloud Foundry partner service. Although other topologies can be supported, the primary one uniquely leverages Pivotal Cloud Foundry's route service feature. This brings simplicity and consistency to the range of services that customers typically use when developing apps.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s service broker API is used to create the Apigee service broker, which enables the provisioning and configuration of Edge instances bound to client apps. When Edge is configured, the route service intelligently routes API traffic to and from Edge, thereby leveraging Apigee's broad range of features related to traffic management, mediation, policy enforcement, and analytics. Developers in a customers's ecosystem consume and test their APIs using Apigee's developer portal.

The Apigee service broker supports Apigee Edge, including Trial, SMB, Startup, and Enterprise.

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry solution provides guidelines for developers and architects for:
Implementing API exposure
Managing developer onboarding
PCF Service Broker Integration with Apigee
Demo Code and Examples
Get Started!
Learn how to integrate Apigee Edge with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Improved developer experience
Features including a developer portal, analytics, and monetization boost productivity and improve experience.
Seamless API management
API management capabilities via easy-to-add config files and seamless routing to and from the Apigee layer.
Reliability and governance
Traffic management, mediation, and consistent, reliable enforcement of security standards/policies across apps and APIs.

Apigee and Pivotal partnered to provide comprehensive API management capabilities that expedite the scalable delivery of apps on the powerful Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform. Apigee Edge is available for rapid deployment as a partner service in the Pivotal Network.

Apigee Edge, the intelligent API platform, serves the requirements of API developers, who need to build and securely expose APIs, and app developers, who consume the APIs. As modern app development increasingly depends on the collaborative use of internal and external services, the API management platform has become the vital glue in the digital ecosystem, and it needs to be stable, scalable, and secure.


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