Public Sector

Meet modern citizens’ expectations and gain operational efficiency
Local, state, and federal governments seek to efficiently serve citizens and reduce cost. Digital technology promises increased convenience and satisfaction by providing access to services from anywhere and at anytime. But there are challenges unique to the public sector, including an environment of increasing fiscal pressure, increased scrutiny, and where the tendency to build silos challenges operational efficiency.
Industry Challenges
  • Citizens have the same expectations for engagement and service of government institutions as they do of private organizations.
  • Requirements of open data initiatives demand infrastructure modernization.
  • Outdated and legacy infrastructure stymies innovation.
Digital Initiatives
  • Open data initiatives reveal new opportunity for government to connect with citizens and across agencies in new ways.
  • Federal and state agencies seek to exchange information across legacy on-premises systems and cloud applications.
  • Organizations strive to engage with citizens across web, mobile and devices to build closer relationships and responsive government.
Why Apigee

Enable Self Service
Lower costs and improve satisfaction by increasing citizen self-service through apps and new digital experiences

Unlock Value
Maximize the re-use of existing data and assets and securely connect citizens with their data.

Secure Interoperability
Securely share information with Federal and state agencies and external government suppliers

Citizen Satisfaction
Engage with citizens across web, mobile, and devices to better serve constituencies and deliver responsive government

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