Deliver the static-free customer experience
Telco leaders are extending ecosystems and enabling channels to build apps and experiences on top of core telco services such as point-of-sale, activation, field service, cross-selling, and advertising.
Industry Challenges
  • Increased competition especially with the over the top (OTT) solutions.
  • Imperative for new business models as traditional service revenue diminishes.
  • Long development cycles stymie innovation and increase time to market.
Digital Initiatives
  • Partnerships with OTT providers to transform threats to opportunities.
  • Self-provisioning for connectivity and bandwidth, real-time changes to QoS, and orchestration of networks with cloud services.
  • Software defined networks (SDN) via APIs enabling programmatic control of provisioning, system admin, and portal interactions.
Apigee Intelligent API Platform

API Foundation
Increase developer and partner productivity, reduce development time, and grow ecosystems with API-based services

Manage & Scale
Gain the enterprise-grade manageability, reliability, and scale required for global, mission critical operations

Unlock Value
Securely expose services and data via APIs to leverage existing assets and compete with OTT providers

Build Ecosystems
Grow partner ecosystems and drive additional value for consumers and enterprise customers

Changing DNA Through Digital Transformation

Since the mid 1990’s, Swisscom has transformed from a state owned telephony provider to a versatile communications, Internet, and IT service provider for residential and enterprise customers and the biggest telecom industry player in Switzerland.

In order to secure its position as market leader, and with revenue streams declining in core areas like voice and messaging, the company is investing in new business models. Learn how the Swisscom API program and API Factory is transforming its business.

Secure authentication with Apigee Identity APIx
Deliver secure, universal authentication across services and devices
Call centers, mobile apps, websites, kiosks, and points-of-sale are all part of a mobile network operators digital ecosystem, with consumers increasingly accessing services on various devices but from multiple accounts based on passwords. To drive increased value to customers, reduce costs of service, and deliver intelligent connected experiences, operators must deliver unprecedented ease-of-use and identity security across all touchpoints.
The Mobile Connect standard from the GSMA is designed to address the identity challenge. Apigee Identity APIx is an API-based solution, built on Apigee Edge, that enables mobile network operators who are using the GSMA Mobile Connect solution to deliver and manage secure, universal authentication across a range of services and devices.

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