Autodesk and API Strategy: Shaping the Future of Making Things

Shawn Gilmour, Director of Paas Strategy for Autodesk, sees how the world is becoming more connected and mobile driven. In this video, He discusses the "future of making things" where advances in technology allow us to design and create things that were impossible not to long ago. Design and manufacturing innovations inform one another to revolutionize entire industries. 

As Autodesk powers the revolution of how things are made with existing partners and seeks to build additional relationships they need a strong API management platform. Apigee is an important partner that has worked with Autodesk helping them develop their API strategy and bring new APIs to market.

The new Autodesk Forge cloud platform exposes a set of web services and web APIs that let Autodesk and its partners create new and innovative applications. 

Having an API Strategy is Critical for Success

Being able to leverage modern API gateways and the Apigee API platform, Autodesk was able to empower its development teams to innovate and use the company's legacy software applications and resources to create new applications and connected workflows. 

With Apigee, Autodesk:

  • Is building a developer cloud platform that enables companies to leverage design and engineering data to easily create custom applications for manufacturing, construction, media/entertainment, and more. The flexibility of the Apigee Edge API Management platform was key in allowing Autodesk to tailor it to their specific needs.

  • Is growing an ecosystem of partners and customers that can help the company innovate in unexpected ways.

  • Is able to expose data and design capabilities to a new set of customers—and create new revenue streams.

  • Monitors, scales, limits use, and tracks analytics around the usage of Autodesk APIs

  • Uses Edge to gain insight and target very particular design consumers.

  • Can expand their reach to those who consume, review, model, and visualize design information but who will never buy a complicated design product.

Apigee is the cross-cloud API platform. It gives businesses control over and visibility into the APIs that connect applications and data across the enterprise and across clouds. Apigee empowers organizations to accelerate their business by unlocking the value of data and delivering modern applications.

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