CIO Upload: A Conversation with SAP's Ingrid-Helen Arnold

The word “agile” isn't always associated with IT organizations at large enterprises, but SAP’s chief information officer and chief process officer Ingrid-Helen Arnold has been working hard to change that at the German software giant.

From using big data and predictive analytics to improve the efficiency of SAP’s board meetings to redesigning the processes in its finance department, the IT leader of the world’s third-largest software company has been going well beyond “keeping the lights on.”

“It’s not even about streamlining and optimizing processes—it’s about business process innovation,” Arnold says. “To deliver, with speed, the new innovation—that’s what we enable at the end of the day.”

To hear my podcast with Arnold, and to hear interviews with the likes of Aneesh Chopra, the first CTO of the United States, and Telstra CIO Erez Yarkoni, go to CIO Upload.

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