API console

We're Sunsetting Classic API Consoles

Eight years ago today, when Apigee was a small company, we launched an API Console for the Twitter API as a way to improve the developer experience. Shortly thereafter, we added a console for Facebook, and then we created a self-service option that enabled anyone to create their own API Console as a free service, simply by describing their service in XML using the WADL format.

API Consoles became the first experience that many developers had with Apigee products. One year after it launched, Twitter embedded our API Console within their developer site, as did companies like LinkedIn and Instagram.

A lot has changed since then. Now tools like Postman and Paw have enabled API consumers and providers to create collections of APIs, giving developers more choice and power to test and explore APIs. Apigee, meanwhile, has focused on API providers and helping them meet the needs of their developers directly.

So we’ve decided to turn down this service. Starting today, console users will be notified that as of April 14, the API Console service will be sunsetted. Please share any comments or ask any questions in the Apigee Community.