Top Apigee Customer Stories of 2018

From healthcare to telecommunications to financial services, Apigee customers across industries had a very successful 2018 deploying and managing APIs. 

We sat down with dozens of customers in 2018 to discuss their API programs and the ways that API management has helped them build successful businesses. Here are ten of the most popular videos from the year.



Flex: Improving Patient Outcomes with API Management

Flex's Ferry Tamtoro discusses how Apigee helps his company to meet customer needs.

For more, read the Flex case study.


Macquarie: Open APIs for Banking Innovation

Macquarie's Rajay Rai explains the importance of API management in innovating the Australian bank's customers and partners. 



How Apigee Customers Manage APIs as Products

Five Apigee customers—Telstra, West, Telenor, Tradier, and PwC—explain how they manage their APIs as products.


T-Mobile: Building a Telecom Platform with APIs

T-Mobile's Chuck Knostman explains how Apigee helped this telco services provider simplify how partners connect with the company to sell its services.


Tradier: Delivering Value to an Ecosystem

Tradier's Dan Raju explains how participating in an ecosystem enables a company to multiply the power of its offerings.


Telenor: Accelerating Partner Onboarding with Apigee

Telenor's Elisabeth Falck discusses how Apigee helps this telco digitize and accelerate the partner onboarding process.

For more, read the Telenor case study.


Rush University Medical Center: Enhancing the Patient Experience with Apigee

Rush's Dr. Shafiq Rab explains how Apigee helps this hospital communicate with patients and securely grant access to health data.

For more, read the Rush case study.


West: Simplifying IT Systems with Apigee

West's Thomas Squeo describes how this global provider of communications and network infrastructure services uses API management for internal product development, platform consolidation, and partnering.


Shutterfly: Boosting Partnerships and Development with Apigee 

Shutterfly's Jeff Nokes explains how adopting the Apigee platform helped his team improve the success of internal applications and external partner integrations.


Jackson National: Disrupting the Annuity Industry with APIs

Jackson National's Dana Malesky explains how Apigee helps this provider of variable annuities to modernize its offerings.

Check out the full library of our customer videos in our "Voices of Digital Business Pioneers" YouTube playlist. All of our customer stories are available on the Apigee resources page.



Flex: Building a Better Way to Improve Patient Outcomes with API Management, ML, and Advanced Analytics

As one of the world’s largest design and maufacturing services providers, Flex has perfected the art of bringing powerful ideas to life, no matter where the innovation springs from.

This spirit, captured by the company’s Sketch-to-Scale solutions, is on full display with its BrightInsight digital health platform, which can integrate data from regulated medical devices to provide real-time intelligence to its medical device and pharmaceutical customers. 

“We can help our customers harness the value that is coming from the data by generating real-time actionable insights that enable them to improve patient outcomes,“ said Ferry Tamtoro, CTO and vice president of Flex Digital Health.

The platform is built upon an array of microservices, Tamtoro said. By abstracting the complexity of this backend, the Apigee platform provides a user-friendly access point for customers to access the powerful data services Flex provides, he added.

"Apigee is a trusted partner," Tamtoro said. "We know that Apigee can handle a large amount of transactions per second and is able to do that in a secure and reliable manner."

Also built into the BrightInsight platform is a host of advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities—technologies provided by Google Cloud Platform.

“We get to apply the toolset that is being offered by … GCP and apply healthcare-specific use cases that can benefit our customers,” Tamtoro said. “Those use cases could result in medication adherence that is more personalized for our patients.”