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Beta Release of SmartDocs

1. In the Resource URL, replace any values enclosed in "{}", such as your organization name.
2. Set the Basic Authentication credentials. These are your Edge email and password (user must be in the Org Admin role).
3. Tweak the Request Body as needed (if a body is needed).
4. Send the live request to Edge and view the response! You can also view Request data.



Delete App Attribute


Deletes an app attribute.


Delete Developer Attribute


Deletes a developer attribute.


Delete API Product Attribute


Deletes an API product attribute.


Delete a cache


Deletes a cache.


Delete a TargetServer


Delete a TargetServer configuration from an environment. Returns information about the deleted TargetServer.


Delete Role


Deletes a role from an organization. Roles can only be deleted when no users are in the role.


Deletes a resource file from an API


Deletes a resource file from an API.


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