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Compose Push Notification
Notifier and Recipients
Choose the Notifier (a configured notification service) to connect with for this push notification. Only users with devices registered with this notifier will receive the push notification. If a group is selected, only the users in the selected goup, with devices registered with this notifier, will receive the push notification.
All Devices Devices Users Groups

Notifier Message
Edit the "alert" message in the JSON payload.
Reset Payload Validate JSON Validate your JSON!

Select whether to schedule this push notification for immediate delivery or at a future date and time.
Now Schedule for later

Push Notification API Preview
Review the API call and payload that will be sent to the App Services Push Notification Scheduler. Advanced users can also send this command via UGC (Usergrid Command Line).
POST users/
Schedule Notification
Notification History
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Notification Receipts <- Return to All Notifications
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Apple Push Notification Service
A Notifier allows App Services to connect to and deliver a message to a communication provider such as Apple's APNs. Upload Development and Production Certificates (.p12) to set up a bridge between your app and APNs for push notifications on iOS devices.
For more help: view our getting started page for more info on how to generate and download an iOS .p12 certificate at the Apple Developer Connection website.
The notifier name is used as the key for push data. Give this a name that describes the certificate being uploaded.

Only applicable if your certificate is password protected
Create Notifier
Getting Started with Push Notifications
Before you can send a notification, you must follow these three steps to enable push notifications for your app.
Learn more in our docs
Set up Push Notifications for Apple iOS
Follow the process to generate and download an iOS .p12 certificate at the Apple Developer Connection website.
Add the certificates to set up your notifiers.
Compose and schedule a push notification.

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