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What is Apigee Edge?

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Create your first API: Step-by-step


API reference (SmartDocs) | Policy reference | Other reference

Send live admin calls to your own organization using SmartDocs. Dive into the technical details of the Apigee Edge management API, policies that control API behavior, OAuth, conditions and variables, the Apigee JavaScript object model, analytics commands, and more.

Developer Tools

Get an overview of API and app developer tools and quickly access their docs.


Walk through useful end-to-end scenarios that illustrate using Apigee to create powerful APIs.

Build APIs

Move through a guided development and configuration workflow, from the fundamentals of building APIs to more advanced topics and use cases.

  • Fundamentals: Concepts, setup, samples, adding and configuring API proxies, controlling API behavior with policies, and deploying API proxies.
  • Advanced topics: An API proxy cookbook of use cases; debugging and troubleshooting, and system environment configuration.


Learn how to secure your environment and your APIs with OAuth, API keys, content-based security, SSL, admin user and role management, and other security features.

Analyze APIs

Use Apigee's built-in dashboard analytics charts to monitor executive-level metrics such as API traffic and top-performing apps and developers. Gather detailed metrics on the performance of individual APIs, and create custom reports to view and compare the metrics you care about most. Use the analytics tools to troubleshoot issues with your APIs.

Publish APIs and build community

After you create the APIs you want developers to use, package the APIs as products and make them available to developers. Publish your API documentation, and using an out-of-the-box portal provided by Apigee, build out a community where developers can learn about your APIs, create blog posts, and participate in forums.

Monetize APIs

Generate revenue for the use of your APIs with monetization. Create rate plans for developers to choose from, track API usage, generate billing documents, and provide built-in developer monetization self-service on your Apigee developer portal.

Build Apps

As an app developer, you can quickly integrate valuable features into your apps, including social graphs, user management, data storage, push notifications, performance monitoring, and more.

Best Practices

Build APIs the right way from the start using best practices.


Start with code that works! Deploy and use samples that illustrate the power of Apigee Edge and help get you started with your own API development.


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