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Developer Services Portal Request

Who can request a portal?

To request a portal

Note: You must create an Organization administrator user in your organization on Apigee Edge before you can request a portal. Steps 1 - 3 of the following procedure describe how to create that user.

  1. On Apigee Edge, select the Admin menu entry to create the new Organization administrator user.
  2. Specify the user name and email address. The email address of the new user must be in the form:

    where ORGNAME is the name of your organization. You must include the text prefix "devadmin+" on the email address.
  3. Select 'Organization Administrator' for the role.
  4. After creating the organization administrator user, complete the following form fields and select Submit to request a Developer Services Portal instance.
Your organization name appears as part of your enterprise URL:
Ensure that you created an administrator user in your organization as described above.
Enter your email address (not the orgadmin email address).

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