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Apigee Edge Release Process

We’re excited to announce that Apigee Edge is transitioning to a continuous release model for the cloud and on-premises versions. We’re making this change to ensure our users can access the product innovation and enhancements quickly and at the highest quality possible.

All releases are expected to be free of interruption to Edge, unless it is a planned downtime which will be done with minimum of 5 business days notification. As Edge is a mission-critical infrastructure that enables access to enterprise services by developers, customers, employees and partners, new Edge releases often require our customers to perform advance planning with internal and external stakeholders. We believe a clearly communicated release cadence will assist in this planning.

Apigee Edge Cloud

  • Release windows are every Tuesday and Thursday. Releases are rolled on a regional basis starting with Asia Pacific, followed by Europe and finally Americas.
  • Release windows time slots are:

Asia Pacific : 12am-4am (UTC+8:00)

Europe: 12am-4am (UTC+1:00)

Americas: 12am-4am (UTC-5:00)

  • During the release window, customers will see a notification of release in progress when they log in at https://edge.apigee.com.
  • Upon completion of the release, customers can see the details for the release at http://apigee.com/docs/release-notes/content/apigee-edge-release-notes
  • All releases are expected to be free of interruption to Apigee Edge, unless it is a planned downtime, which will be done with minimum of 5 business days notification.
  • Our Global Services Center (GSC) will be available 24x7 as usual and during the release windows if you should require to raise a support tickets.
  • Hot fixes or emergency patches, due to their time-critical nature, are excluded from this process and will be released with urgency and as soon as possible, and without any prior notification.
  • Releases use the following numbering scheme: YY.MM.DD.

Apigee Edge On-Premises

  • Types of releases include:
    • Quarterly and annual full release
    • Planned service pack for every supported quarterly and annual release
    • Unplanned hot fix for any particular release
  • Quarterly and annual releases will contain:
    • All new features and enhancements and cumulative bug fixes since last release
    • May contain installation or upgrade related script changes, DB schema or configuration changes—mostly backwardly compatible
    • May have new documentation updates
  • Planned service packs will contain:
    • Cumulative bug fixes only (no enhancement or feature) for any quarterly or annual release
    • No DB schema or configuration changes or documentation updates
  • Unplanned Hot fixes:
    • A particular bug fix for a particular release
    • No DB schema or configuration changes or new documentation updates
  • Support timelines: Service pack and hot fixes will be provided for any annual release for the following 2 years and any quarterly release for the following 1 year. After those time periods, Apigee will either provide a workaround for issues or, if no workaround exists, have customers upgrade to the current quarterly release.
  • Releases use the following numbering scheme: 4.YY.MM.##, where ## is the service pack number. First releases in a given month or a quarter are 4.YY.MM.00.

Getting release notifications

If you want to be notified about cloud or on-premises releases, sign up here:






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